Vehicle History Check

Did You Know:
1 In 3 Cars Has A Hidden History?

It is important that you avoid buying a vehicle with a hidden history, therefore, we recommend that you have it checked to make sure that it has not been reported as a stolen vehicle or reported as Code 3.

Numbers to look out for:

  • The vehicle registration number (VIN) and the 17 digit chassis number.
  • The engine number.

Inspections and Valuations

Choosing the right kind of vehicle requires much more than just a keen eye. Make sure it is as good as it looks, by booking a comprehensive inspection through the AA, before you part with your money. A qualified independent vehicle inspector will carry out a full bumper to bumper inspection, a thorough road test, and issue you with a detailed report. If serious problems are found the report may recommend that you do not purchase, or if only minor faults are highlighted, you’ll be in a much stronger position to negotiate a lower price or insist on repairs.


Major Vehicle Inspection & Report

The vehicle mechanics, electrical, brakes & tyres. A statutory requirement for re registration.

Roadworthy Certificate

The vehicle, mechanics, electrical, brakes & tyres. A statutory requirement for re-registration.

Let The Car Market and Our Affiliates do the vehicle history check for you

One Car Auto Check

Before you commit to buying that used car, make sure you check it’s not hiding a shady past. Let us do the Auto Check for you by verifying the history of the vehicle(one) for only R150.

History Check Details

Auto Check Can Tell You If A Car:

  • has outstanding fines
  • has outstanding license
  • confirm Vehicle Status
  • is recorded as stolen
  • confirm the vehicles make
  • confirm the vehicles model
  • confirm the vehicles year

Please Note: Vehicle History Checks will Resume on 11 January 2016


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