Essential Vehicle Services for South Africa

The Car Market offers the best automotive services throughout South Africa.
These services are geared to assist you in making an educated and more informed choice when purchasing a car.


Request A Vehicle

Are you looking for a car? Cant find it? Need a professional to source it for you?

The Car Market offers an obligation free service where we get our affiliated dealerships to source the car for you!

Vehicle History Check

It is important that you avoid buying a vehicle with a hidden history.

The Car Market recommends that you have the potential vehicle confirmed to make sure that it has not been reported as a stolen vehicle, confirm the correct vehicle code (Code 1, Code 2, Code 3) and confirms the current owner and any outstanding fines/licence.

Vehicle Insurance Quotes

The Car Market has made it so easy for anyone to get an obligation free insurance quote.

Just click a few clicks of your mouse and we will make sure that you get some of the most competitive insurance quotes around South Africa and straight to your mail box.

Latest News


The Car Market offers weekly news on the cars you like you own, want to own and dream of owning.

Added to this we offer a full range of vehicle related services.